Good Tonus sessions combine, in different classes, two techniques called eutony and spherodynamic- postural reorganisation. These techniques are similar yet different and together provide a holistic practice for well-being and health. They are effective for improving flexibility and range of movement, and for preventing different types of stress and body aches.
Roxina and Jorgo Rit are professionally trained in two disciplines, Eutony and Spherodynamics- postural reorganization.

They studied eutony in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Argentina. They were trained by some of the most experienced practicioners in their fields:  Benoit Istace and his team, Dominique Duliege, Jean-Marie Huberty, Frida Kaplan, Ruth Nejter, and Anabella Lozano and her team. Roxina and Jorgo are both certified by the Belgian Association of Professional Eutonists (APEBS), and by the Argentine School of Spherodynamics. Roxina's area of specialisation in Good Tonus is biomechanics, movement and dance, while Jorgo focuses on stress management and stress relief.
Roxina and Jorgo enjoy continuously updating their skills and thus ensure that their students benefit from the best pedagogy in their classes.

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